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‘Help Skin Assistance’ Category is the Range of products for specific concerns like Eczema Rosacea Acne Psoriasis Flying Warts and more. Please see the Descriptions below to help you choose the product for your skin concerns.

* For Children with dry irritated skin, choose either Happy Babies Hydrosol or Natural Baby Moisturising Oil depending on their age;
* For Flying Warts / Molluscum, choose Go Molly;
* For Chicken Pox, choose Pox Potion which is made fresh when ordered;
* For Acne from the ages of 10 upwards, choose Magic Serum with Evanesce Balm;
* For Acne/Rosacea & other Irritated skin conditions, choose Vitamin Rich Mens or Womens Face Balm;
* For Eczema/Rosacea on the face, choose Nourishing Face Balm;
* For Eczema on hands and body, choose Just Soothing or Renew Balm (with or without Coconut);
* For Psoriasis on the face & body, choose Oasis Balm;
* For Psoriasis or Dry Skin on the Scalp/Beard, choose Oasis Serum;
* For Sunspots / Discolouration (not Freckles), choose Sun Kissed Balm.
* Alternative or Bespoke Products will incur an additional 10 CHF on top of the original Product cost.

To help resolve long-term problems, Please first book your Consultation Session online to work towards alternative solutions for reaching healthy lifestyle results. These discussions are confidential, tailored to suit your specific needs, to ensure long-term results are achieved, and can be made via Skype or Whatsapp Video.

Expectations: We would all love to have a Magic Wand make our skin issues disappear overnight. However, if you have had a problem for years, the resolution will require time for adjustment, re-balancing, repairing and ultimate well-being.

Studies My Diplomas include Holistic Clinical Nutrition, Stress Management, Holistic Pain Management, Aromatherapy, Holistic Skincare Products & Reflexology.

Please Note: All the liquid Serums, Baby Oil & Hydrosol are NOT available in the 5ml Sample Size.


Baby/Children/Young Adults

Beauty T-Shirts

CHF 36.00

Consult Therapist

Consult Therapist

CHF 160.00 CHF 120.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Cosmetic Bag

CHF 16.00

Help Skin Assistance

Evanesce Balm

CHF 52.00CHF 110.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Gift Cards

CHF 20.00CHF 100.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Go Molly

CHF 50.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Happy Babies Hydrosol

CHF 24.00

Concentrated Serums & Inhalers

Just Soothing

CHF 42.00

Concentrated Serums & Inhalers

Magic Serum

CHF 42.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Mozz Off Bugs

CHF 25.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

Natural Baby Moisturising Oil

CHF 20.00CHF 40.00

Baby/Children/Young Adults

New Items

CHF 15.00CHF 22.00